CCS scenarios

CCS scenarios

About one month ago, in this post I introduced the new activity that I started before the summer break, aimed at investigating the implications of a delayed deployment of CCS technologies on the energy sector and the whole economy.

In these days I am enjoying my summer break in the Lombardy  mountains… but the “work virus” is always present in me! So I thought that it could be useful to exploit at least part of my spare time running some scenarios. After all, this activity requires little work from my side, while it takes quite a lot of computational time: so why not run the laptop and use these days to save some time later on?

The scenarios are indeed quite simple: I envisioned a matrix where I explore different policy targets (in terms of temperature in 2100) coupled with different starting years of CCS deployment. Let’s see how the electricity mix, the GDP, and all the other relevant variables will look like in these different configurations!

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