From the international interview…

From the international interview…

… to the very local interview! Last Friday the BergamoPost journal published the interview that I had given them some weeks ago. BergamoPost is a weekly publication covering the Italian province of Bergamo, where my village of origin is located, whose peculiarity is to give a lot of room to facts or events occurring in the villages of the province: this time I was the “celebrity” of Mozzo, which is precisely my hometown.

Obviously the interview is in Italian, so it cannot be enjoyed by non-Italian speakers. I don’t report the translation because I talk about my research and my experience in California, i.e. something I have been talking about in this blog, essentially. Plus, there are some specific references to local details which would require very long explanations 🙂 However, I did want to report this nice episode in the English part of the blog as well.

Apart from my fifteen minutes of fame in my village and province, I was very happy to talk about my research and my life experience in the US: who knows, maybe I might be of some inspiration for some young potential researchers in my province.

OK, so:

1) International interview, or actually intercontinental interview: checked ✓

2) Local interview, or actually next door interview: checked ✓

… now I am ready for the next one! Well, provided that there is still somebody who wants to interview me, of course 🙂

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