Goodbye California!

Goodbye California!

So, the time to go back home has arrived… It’s incredible: almost one year has passed since January 14, the day when my American adventure began. It has been a year full of experiences which made me grow a lot. But there will be time for a thorough assessment of this period: such exercises must not be carried out on the spur of the moment. Now I will enjoy some days of holiday with my family. After all,  I will be back to work at FEEM after the Christmas Holidays, so in the meantime I’d better enjoy these days of relax!

As you can(not) see, this post does not report my typical pictures taken in airports: my smartphone motherboard decided to break up literally 10 minutes after my arrival, so I lost all the last photos that I had not already copied in my backup archive. Well, I guess it is the perfect conclusion of a year which has been characterized by a number of hitches! But let’s try to look at the positive aspect of the issue: if this had happened when I was in the US, it would surely have been much worse 🙂

I just post a nice photo capturing twilight over the ocean from Ocean Beach, San Francisco.

This post concludes the Life section of this website, dedicated to my life in California. The project naturally goes on, though: after my American year, the additional year of the return phase to FEEM is to come. From this moment on, therefore, I will only write posts in the Research and News sections.

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