LEAP – Rome

LEAP – Rome

Last Friday I went to Rome, where I participated in the LEAPin event organized at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What is LEAP? Since I am lazy, and above all I would not like to be inaccurate, I report what was written on the presentation document 🙂 (I also link to the official website)

LEAP Summit is an international conference which gathers every year thousands of international students, young professionals and young entrepreneurs who are leaders in their communities. It is a three-day event created for individuals who want to change the world and make LEAP forward in their careers. In 2016 it gathered more than 1,000 bright minds – leaders of tomorrow, amazing speakers, entrepreneurs, innovators, CEOs, students, NGO founders who are opinion leaders in their respective communities. “LEAP Summit 2018” will be held from 15th to 17th of March in Student Centre Zagreb.

LEAPin is a one-day conference, which highlights the vision of international LEAP Summit.”

The topic of the event in Rome was “Italian success cases” and Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei was invited to share its experience as a very peculiar type of success case. In fact this concept is normally more relevant for private companies (unsurprisingly, all the other speakers were from this area), while it is less trivial to express it for a research center. But this is really gratifying, because it means that FEEM is recognized as an authoritative and high level institution.

I was chosen to represent FEEM, and obviously I really appreciated. Additionally, in my proposal I committed to giving dissemination talks to a general public other than the academic audience, so I was very happy to accept this invitation.

In my speech I firstly presented the institution in general, then I talked about my research work, and in particular about my MERCURY project. Obviously I also spent some words about my American experience!

Did I manage to be interesting? Well, you can judge, since you can find the videos of all the presentations at this link 🙂

My presentation is embedded in the video, but if you want to give a more detailed look at it, you can find it here.

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