Millennials Ambassadors Forum – Turin

Millennials Ambassadors Forum – Turin

Yesterday I participated in a workshop organized by the Millennials Ambassadors Forum (MAF) in Turin, Italy. MAF is a think-tank where the so-called Ambassadors, i.e. prominent personalities from the social, political, and economic world, provide mentorship to the new generations under the inspiration of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Naturally the event was not strictly related to the MERCURY project, but it was surely within my multi-dimensional training objectives, especially in the broader perspective of understanding the world where my research and scenarios should be impacting. Indeed, the CEOs of many important Italian energy companies took part in the event, showing their plan to shape a sustainable future in the energy sector. Finally, the networking activities with the outstanding speakers and participants were also in line with my training objectives, being useful for my professional growth after the project.

More information, as well as the agenda of yesterday’s event, can be found at the following link (in Italian):

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