Nuclear paper and Deliverable 2.1 completed

Nuclear paper and Deliverable 2.1 completed

Finally in the past days I completed the paper regarding the nuclear task of WP2.

Methodologically, the paper is similar to the CCS one: I tried to describe the different power generation futures related to the several scenarios explored, but above all I analyzed the relevant policy costs: differently from the CCS case, where the delayed deployment of CCS does have a considerable effect on policy costs, for nuclear I did not find major changes across scenarios. But I don’t want to anticipate much: in the next months I will open the “Output” section in the blog where I will progressively publish the project results..

This activity concludes Work Package 2. After the nuclear paper, I rapidly prepared Deliverable 2.1, which is essentially the collection of the solar PV, CCS, and nuclear papers, apart from a very brief introduction that I wrote in few hours.

Now I can focus on WP3, and in particular on the climate participation task: I will better describe this activity in the next research post.

Actually I realize that I only have one month and a half before the end of the project (including the Christmas holidays, where I guess I will have to work a bit 🙂 ), but fortunately I don’t expect this activity to take too much time!

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