Renewables 2018 – IEA

Renewables 2018 – IEA

Explore key findings from the IEA’s market report on renewable energy

Source: Renewables 2018: Key Findings

The International Energy Agency has recently published the “Renewables 2018” report, which discusses both the market status and the forecast from 2018 to 2023.

The report is not for free, but the relevant webpage provides plenty of information, both as an overview and sorted by sectors (power, heat, and transport). The executive summary can also be downloaded.

It is practically impossible to summarize the whole report in few words, so I let you go through it. I just report the quotation by the IEA Executive Director, Fatih Birol, which opens the webpage:

Modern bioenergy is the overlooked giant of the renewable energy field. But the right policies and rigorous sustainability regulations will be essential to meet its full potential.

Indeed I do not deal with biomass in my MERCURY project, if not indirectly within the CCS task, so this statement can somehow be relevant for me, and it can be a suggestion for future research works.

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