CCS futures

CCS futures

After sharing with my colleagues the first version of the paper about  learning in solar PV (see the last post), in the past days I started working on another front of Work Package 2. I remind that this WP regards the prospects of low-carbon technologies, focusing not so much on pure technical aspects, but on general policy issues impacting on the diffusion of such technologies.

The solar PV learning activity covers the investigation on renewables. Naturally renewables are not only solar PV, but this research can define a sort of framework that later on could be applied to other renewables (naturally starting from wind).

The second topic regards Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS), i.e. the technologies allowing the sequestration of carbon dioxide emissions from plants fed with fossil fuels or biomass and their storage in underground deposits. This technology has been widely recognized as one of the main low-carbon solutions for the next decades, but its actual commercial maturity is yet to come. In my research I would like to investigate what is the impact of the delayed deployment of this technology from a climate, energy, and economic perspective.

In the past days I started the preliminary activity of literature review and scenario definition. I already have clear ideas about a simple but interesting exercise. I do not think I will be able to complete this activity before the August break, but it will definitely represent my main objective for September.

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