Climate participation – Scenarios completed

Climate participation – Scenarios completed

In the past days I completed the scenarios of the climate participation exercise according to the scheme that I described at the beginning of the month. I did not have time to develop a huge exercise, but I think that some interesting conclusions may be drawn from the runs.

In the next couple of weeks of course I will enjoy the Christmas Holidays, but I will also have to find time to work a bit. In fact, I will have to dedicate some days to the complementary task of Work Package 3 about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) before the end of the project on January 15, therefore I need to complete the main activities about climate participation in the very first days of the next year. Since I have to produce the graphs that I will include in the relevant paper and I have to draft the paper as well, I’d better not completely abandon my laptop during the coming Holidays 🙂

Never mind: time is running up but I am on track to complete my research activities!

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