COP23 – UNFCCC: Outcome

COP23 – UNFCCC: Outcome

As I discussed in my relevant post a couple of weeks ago, the 23rd Conference of Parties (COP23) took place from November 7 to 17 in Bonn, Germany. Indeed the last negotiations took the whole night of Friday 17, and the final agreement was found only at the sunrise of Saturday 18.

This COP was not expected to be revolutionary: the objective was essentially to make a step ahead towards the implementation of the Paris Agreement, which is what has ultimately been made. In particular, countries have agreed to start a process of revision of the national mitigation plans in 2018. As I had written the post that I mentioned above, the national plans are in fact deemed to be insufficient to achieve the long-term ambitious targets set in Paris.

A number of comments and analyses can be found in the web. Here I would just like to link to the official conference webpage, which reports and discusses the key achivements of the conference.

For the Italian readers, I also link to a full overview of the conference reported in this website, coordinated by Stefano Caserini, professor of “Climate Change Mitigation” at the Polytechnic of Milan.

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