Final seminar at FEEM

Final seminar at FEEM

Last Friday I gave the final seminar of my Marie Curie project here at FEEM. The presentation covered Work Package 2, which essentially is the core of the scenario assessment exercise characterizing the second year of the MERCURY project. The title of the presentation was “Future prospects of renewables, CCS, and nuclear in the EU and beyond: results from the MERCURY project”.

The presentation essentially replicated the structure of Deliverable 2.1: an introduction to the project and to WP2, followed by a collection of the three presentations focusing on solar PV, CCS, and nuclear.

In details, the title of the three “sub-presentations” were:

  • Exploring pathways of solar PV learning-by-doing in Integrated Assessment Models
  • The techno-economic effects of the delayed deployment of CCS technologies on climate change mitigation
  • Reactor ageing and phase-out policies: global and European prospects for nuclear power generation

Naturally the presentation on solar PV was essentially the one that I geve in the last conferences, while the CCS and the nuclear presentations were brand new.

You cand find the presentation in the webpage that FEEM website dedicated to the event.

By the way, the seminar room was crowded and I was really happy to share the results and the experience of my MERCURY project with my colleagues!

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