Green energy is gold for California, US – SF Chronicle

Green energy is gold for California, US – SF Chronicle

I am a physicist, and an energy and sustainability science researcher, and I live in California because of its penchant for not just setting but actually achieving big goals and adopting bold visions others may consider too ambitious. What California proposes, we research, debate and then accomplish. In fact, we often exceed the goals skeptics have deemed unmeetable. This is why I believe that California should — and ultimately will — pass into law the “100 Percent Clean Energy Act” (Senate Bill 100), which would establish a bold goal of 100 percent clean, zero-carbon electricity by 2045. To fully appreciate the multifaceted benefits of SB100 for California and the country, a bit of history is needed.

Source: Green energy is gold for California, US

My American supervisor at UC Berkeley, Prof. Daniel Kammen, has recently written this very interesting article concerning the renewable landscape in California and the ambitious mitigation targets that this State is going to set for the decades to come: a real success case which deserves to be studied!

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