An America First Energy Plan

An America First Energy Plan

As we all know, on January 20 Donald Trump swore in as the President of the United States. Since then, the White House website has been updated according to the new administration’s guidelines. Among others, the outline of the future American energy policies (An America First Energy Plan) has been uploaded.

An exhaustive comment on this would require an in-depth analysis which goes beyond the scope of this section in my blog. A number of issues should be discussed. However, as indeed was announced during the election campaign, it is clear that whereas during Barack Obama’s presidency the focus was on tackling climate change and promoting renewable energies, the new administration will be focused on fossil fuels, and in particular on exploiting the domestic resources.

Naturally, we will see what policies will actually be implemented, but if facts follow these intentions, it will be imperative for the European Union and China to lead climate action and the deployment of renewable energies, in order to let the world achieve ambitious climate targets.

PS. For the sake of completeness, I link the “harmful” and “unnecessary” Climate Action Plan – as it has been defined in the America First Energy Plan – released during Obama’s presidency.

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