CCS scenarios completed

CCS scenarios completed

In the past days I finally completed the scenario runs concerning the CCS exercise that I have been carrying out in these weeks.

Eventually I generated a set of 28 scenarios: as anticipated in one of the previous posts, there is a main matrix of climate targets (3.5°C, 3°C, 2.5°C, 2°C, and 1.5°C – all values refer to the temperature increase in 2100 with respect to the pre-industrial levels) coupled with different years when investing in CCS is triggered (2020, 2040, 2060, and 2080, in addition to the no CCS case). These 25 scenarios are complemented with a baseline scenario, where no carbon policy is applied (which leads to no CCS deployment and to a temperature increase of 4°C), and with two additional scenarios where the 2°C/2020 scenario (i.e. the main reference policy scenario) is explored considering a 50% increase or decrease in the investment cost of CCS technologies, respectively, in order to understand the relevant sensitivity.

In the next weeks I will analyze the results – in particular I will work on R to produce insightful graphs – and then I will draft the relevant paper.

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