Solar PV learning in Integrated Assessment Models – Advancements

Solar PV learning in Integrated Assessment Models – Advancements

After completing the reporting activity concerning the first year of my Marie Curie project, in the last days I went back the solar PV activity, about which I wrote many posts in the past months.

In these days I mostly worked on WITCH, indeed, since in the analysis of the results I had found a small inconcistency in one scenario, which I had to re-run. However, I also started analyzing the replies to the comments that the other teams progressively sent to me over the previous months.

In general, I am satisfied with the work so far, even if we are a bit behind schedule with reference to my initial plans. But never mind: the main modeling work is now completed, and we have a good and nice picture of the scenarios, which look very interesting. Now the objective is to conceive and then draft the relevant paper. My hope is to finish this activity within Spring: let’s see 🙂

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